Live balanced, live longer

       Juices of fruits and vegetables are pure gifts from Mother Nature and the most natural way to heal your body and make yourself whole again.

William Londen

Healthy body + Healthy Mind = Happy Life. That’s the right formula to a balanced life. But do we really apply this in our daily lives? Our own negative tendencies like laziness, ignorance and a sedentary lifestyle prevent us from living a healthy, balanced life.

To live healthy, all you need to do is rethink your lifestyle choices and be wary of what’s on our plate everyday. To begin a balanced life now, keep these few things in mind:

Walk while you work!

You don’t always need to take time out for staying healthy. It should become a part of your routine. For instance, why not walk a certain distance to work, or climb up a few floors? Have an outdoor discussion rather than in meeting rooms to get some fresh air. Walk and talk during phone calls instead of sitting in one place. These simple, yet effective changes can go a long way to regain that balance.

Breathe in, Breathe out

Yoga, meditation, and practicing stillness can significantly reduce anxiety and stress. All the stress you accumulate at work should find a vent, else it will stay in your body and make you sick. You might not have the time to take a Yoga class or meditate in the mornings. But simple breathing exercises can be practiced while travelling or working at your work-station. Go away to a quiet place and sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed. Practice deep breathing and let your body get more oxygen for an active mind and body. Balance your stress by letting it out and not allowing it to stay in you. Even a pressure cooker must whistle once in a while.

Eat and drink in balance

Too much or too little of anything, creates imbalance. So structure a balanced diet and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables to nourish your body with a wide variety of micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals. To stay hydrated, drink healthy liquids like water, green tea, butter milk or pour a glass of fruit and veggies juices, like the vitamin-fortified Tropicana Essentials Fruit & Veggies.

Positive Mental Health

With your body, your mind also needs nurturing. Keep a strong positive mental outlook and learn to destress. Do away with the negative thoughts by keeping them out. The minute they try to mess with your mind, push them out by thinking of a happy moment. E.g. if your boss has criticized you for a job not done well, don’t let it weigh you down for long. Think of an achievement or a moment when he appreciated you, and hold on to that feeling. This will help you create a positive balance of mind and ultimately, a positive balance in life too.


While you follow a healthy routine for your mind, body and soul, you also have to fulfill your other needs - the emotional needs. For that, you must take time out to socialize, meet friends or colleagues after work. Sharing, interacting and simply hanging out with the people you like at least once a week, helps you keep your emotions in balance too.

Anemia is a serious issue, so try avoid it by consuming a well balanced diet of fruit and vegetables in any form - be it juices, salads or cooked food. India needs her women to be strong, so ladies go get your daily dose of iron from today!