Why Fruits and Vegetables are like superheroes for your health

       People tend to eat poorly because it's convenient; it's what's around them. But you can make the switch. I think the way to do that is to just make fruits and vegetables as convenient as possible to eat.

Michael Greger

Nothing can be truer than these wise words by Greger, about mindful eating. In our rushed life, we hardly reflect on our food choices. For instance, we don’t consume sufficient fruits and vegetables. In fact, it should be a rule of thumb to include fruits and vegetables in every meal. It can be as simple as adding fruit to a bowl of cereal, or adding grated cucumber and beetroot to your mayonnaise to make a delicious bread or paratha spread!

Wondering why we are coaxing you to do what your mother asked you to do as a child? We can tell you not one, but three reasons why fruit and vegetables are great for you:

Fruits and veggies are like superheroes for your health because they provide natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals like iron, which protect you from the ill effects of diseases and help you stay healthy.

Fruits are low in calories and they contain lots of water, which help you stay hydrated.

Fruits and veggies have high fibre content and their unique capacity to produce alkaline helps preserve your muscle tissue and bone mass.

Iron(y) bites!

Research conducted by India’s Phytonutrient Report states that India is one of the largest producers of many fruits and vegetables. However, ironically, the average intake of fruits and vegetables by Indians between the age of 18-35 years of age, is only 3.5 servings per day. According to the World Health Organization, eating a minimum of 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal issues, and cancer.

It’s unfortunate that though we have been blessed with an abundant supply of nutrient-rich superfoods, we are not consuming them sufficiently.

So here are some tips on how you can turn this around and increase the intake of fruits and veggies in your diet:

Tip 1 – Include fruits & vegetables in your breakfast

You can add sautéed vegetables to eggs or sandwiches, drink a smoothie or have a glass of fresh fruit or veggie juice like Tropicana Essentials, which is an expert blend of fruits & vegetables and is fortified with vitamins A & C.

Tip 2 – Try Fruit & Veggie Snacks

Slice up vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, beetroot etc., and eat them as a snack between meals, or as a side dish for lunch with a dip.

Tip 3 – Fruit-Up your Dinner

You can consume veggies and fruits for dinner too. Enhance the vegetable quotient of your meals with extra veggies and a bowl of dark leafy greens as part of the meal. Or stuff those chopped veggies into a wrap. If you like dessert before going to bed, top up your ice cream or custard with cut-up fruit.

So junk those supplement pills and vitamin shots; instead consume fruit & veggies for a healthier, happier and super life!